What has happened to the world??

The world have come to the stage 
Where nothing is going right 
Everything is going towards dark side .
Then why this is not in front of our sight?
It is but we humans are ignoring it ??
The life of human is not safe
One day the world would shake
And could not accept the deeds we have to take.
A girl is being raped
And a mother is being killed.
The society is failed
As evil is filled.
People are taking their own lifes
People are being judged on their caste
And then saying our world is moving fast.
Greed is the only treat.
Responsibility lacking behind 
And now have become hard to find.
Two sides of an area
Humans living both the sides
But still want thousands of fight.
All of the things going in this world is not right.
Then why its not in front of our sight???
Ego has more importance than issues
The contracts are signed,and the values are less than tissue.
Youth is the future but addiction is the present.
Diffrent can’t be accepted
And similar have become old.
So many things yet to be told.
We know everything is wrong
We have to become strong
But are we ready to bring it in front of our sight???evil world
Think about it this night
Let’s make this world right more than bright .

12 thoughts on “What has happened to the world??”

  1. Deep, heartfelt sentiments expressed here. After reading this poem, I had no hesitation clicking your “Follow” button. Yes, why not make it right instead? I is not an easy thing to undertake, and we won’t see much result, even if we give our life to it, but at least we will know this about ourselves: we had the courage to do what was right and needed to be done. If it is done with compassion, even if one fails, one has succeeded… an oxymoron, but reconcilable.

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