A festival celebrated to remember the day when good won over evil and return of Ram to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile.

But to celebrate this happiness, why do people have to burn crackers ? Which leads to a big cause of air pollution and noise pollution. Also, a big harm to people living around,nature and our mother Earth.

Festivals are celebrated to share the magic of happiness among people but how? How is burning of crackers leading to happiness among people?

  • Burning of crackers lead to-                                                                                                                
  • Smog                 
  • Fire accidents     
  • Garbage  
  • Child labour 
  • Affects the newborns 
  • – Harmful gases in air leading to global warming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                –                                                             avoid-crackers-this-diwali

Have some shame, this kind of behavior questions humanity. People burning crackers have no kind of  softness towards people who have breathing problems, children who work in the factories and get themselves harmed,the newborns and the old aged people.

 Older times when it used to be winters around October and November but today 2017 the air conditioners are still working. All due to global warming.

When will people understand the effects of burning crackers? 



  • Why can’t they think of other ways to celebrate other than crackers.  Something eco-friendly and interesting.
  •      Lighten your house with diyas and candles
  •       Spend time with your families.                                                                                                                         





It’s a high time now!! Or else the consequences would be in front of you within years.




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