Showing your concern,your love through a band 

to just making fun all day long.

always taking your stand.

To share your stuff to share your feelings.

The bond was fond of insults.

Sitting together,spending time with less sugar lime.

The relation was prime.

Fights where no was wrong, no was right.

It was only the opinion that differ.

Everything got healed with one coffee sipper.

No day is special or everyday is special to celebrate this tom and  jerry connection.

that affection.

And the mind blowing session.

Those irritators who divided the tension.

not friends for purpose

friends for life.

spice and salt , nobody at fault.

because one waits and other has a habit of being


Shimmery particles of life.

True friends

are those when other supports where one falls.

Friendship is forever in the air.

where everything is fair.

Advices are best,requires no test.

those idiots are so much than the rest.

your presence is where life feels all set.

problem solvers are those not less than  foes.

but without them life is incompelte.

they are the colors of rainbow on a white sheet.


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